Amanda “Makyn” Clarke-Peterson

oWNER & artisan

Greetings! My name is Amanda. I am the Founder of this site and Makyn Originals Studios. I love reading, sipping coffee, creating wearable art, innovating unique designs, and creative problem-solving. I consider myself a Makyr, and wearer of many hats. 

I am passionate about handcrafting a line of natural products that are responsibly sourced to improve the health of my family (and yours). We all benefit from making the world a little better, every day. 

I began this epic journey to benefit my family, but because of the positive feedback I have received about the benefit it has been to others, I decided to make my products more widely available in order to share them with your family. I hope that you love our products as much as we do! 

If you are a fan of my products, you’ll love what else I can do! Join the Journey!

About Us

Welcome to, the Natural Personal Care Products Boutique.

We are intensely passionate about producing a sustainable natural personal care product line.  Our desire is to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle for our family and yours. 

We are proud to continue providing a healthy alternative to commercial products!


Our Ethics

We believe in sourcing only the finest in high-quality ingredients for use in our recipes.

We believe in transparency and the importance of listing all ingredients used in our products for our customers.

We believe in coloring our products naturally. We use various elements that impart hue such as colorful clays from the earth and food-grade ingredients (e.g. cacao, activated charcoal). Therefore, we do not use colorants or dyes in any of our products.

We believe in the benefits of essential oils and that our products are an amazing delivery method to experience this.

We blend in quality essential oils to impart scent to our products. 

Our products are designed with fragrance sensitivities in mind. Therefore, we do not use artificial fragrances in our products. 

Our soap bars are vegan and are comprised of plant-based oils including coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, and castor oil. We offer many other vegan products, see product details for more information about each specific product. 



Thank you for visiting our About Page!

We hope learning about us and our mission inspired you to try our products!

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