Vegan Body Butters

Vegan Body Butter
Our vegan body butters are handcrafted out of the highest quality vegetable butters from around the world.

We do our best to source products that are sustainably derived and support the local markets that create our raw ingredients.

Mandakyns currently offers quite a variety of vegan body butters. scented and unscented, raw and naturally refined, cocoa and shea butters.

We produce small batches of spa-quality whipped shea butters that are fabulously moisturizing, protecting, and have many other wonderful positive benefits for the skin!

Our products not only last a long time, but a small amount goes a long way!

For Best Results: Experiment with small amounts until you discover the right amount for you! Apply within 2-3 minutes after patting dry from bathing with Mandakyns Natural Bar Soaps. Allow to absorb completely into skin. Use often and regularly as part of your beauty regimen to get the most benefit from these products.


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